I'm proud to be endorsed by:


 ILWU 47


State Senator Karen Fraser (retired)

State Senator Sam Hunt (22 Leg. Disrict)

State Representative Laurie Dolan (22 Leg. District)

State Representative Beth Doglio (22 Leg. District)

Washington Assistant State Treasurer Shawn Myers

Women's Political Caucus of Washington


Thurston Young Democrats

Thurston County Treasurer Jeff Gadman 

Thurston County Assessor Steven Drew

Thurston County Clerk Linda Enlow

Thurston County Prosecutor Jon Tunheim
Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza
Thurston PUD Commissioner Russ Olsen 


Olympia Mayor Cheryl Shelby

Olympia Councilwoman Lisa Parshley

Olympia Councilwoman Jessica Bateman

Olympia Councilman Jim Cooper

Tumwater Mayor Pete Kmet

Tumwater Councilwoman Debbie Sullivan

Tumwater Councilman Tom Olivia

Tumwater Councilwoman Leatta Dahlhoff

Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder

Lacey Councilwoman Cynthia Pratt

Lacey Councilman Michael Steadman

Lacey Fire Commissioner Liberty Ryder 


Port of Olympia Commissioner Bill McGregor

Thank you Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder

Thank you Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder